The Dr and the Chef happened to find ourselves at the wonderful Melt on King William Road the other day, and while we were enjoying some tapas, we thought we would sample some of their fabulous wines. One of the great wines that was on offer was this South Australian beauty from Langhorne Creek – the Scott & La Prova Wines Montepulciano.

Now I challenge anyone to say Montepulciano, without an Italian accent. It is one of those grape varieties which has such a lovely name that makes you want to buy the wine just so you can say “Montepulciano” out loud…. but is that the only reason to buy this famous Italian grape variety? Well we would naturally say no.

The Langhorne Creek wine region in South Australia is a huge region, full of fabulous grapes, and some pretty good wineries. It is also a region often overlooked when compared to its nearby cousins – McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley. But, there are some great winemakers in the Creek, and Sam Scott is certainly one.

We set out to try this lovely wine, and give you some tips on what we thought of the wine and importantly what it sounds like when you try to say it without an Italian accent. Make sure you watch this latest episode of the Dr and the Chef.